Frankfort Cemetery began in the early 1840s and was the second incorporated Memorial park in the country. It overlooks the city of Frankfort and the Kentucky River. Daniel and Rebecca Boone were the first to be laid to rest in the cemetery. Previously buried near their final home in Missouri they were moved here with great ceremony in September 1845. Since that time thousand of Frankfort’s citizens have joined them including many famous Kentuckians - from  Governors and soldiers, statesmen and business owners. The cemetery still has many available plots and is used on a daily basis.

The Frankfort Cemetery would like to invite its patrons to decorate their loved ones' graves with Memorial Day decorations beginning May 22nd thru June 5th. During this time articial flowers are permitted. Please limit your decorations to wreaths, flowers, monument saddles or baskets of greenery.

We also wish to remind you that the planting of live flowers is permitted at any time. The flowers must not encroach on any neighboring graves. We do recommend that you come 14 inches away from the headstone, and place mulch in the area where flowers have been planted. All maintenance is the responsibilty of the family.

Memorial Day

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