The Chapel


There is a chapel located on the cemetery grounds.

Currently the Chapel is not equipped with heat or air conditioning. The Frankfort Cemetery is working on plans to make this a more usable space. If you would like to donate funds to this cause, the  Cemetery is a non profit entity and can accept your donations . Please contact the cemetery office.

About the Chapel

The Frankfort Cemetery Board built a Chapel in 1890 on the cliff overlooking Frankfort. The Romanesque style structure was surrounded on three sides by a wide covered veranda. Groups of slender Doric columns flanked each of the 3 entrances, and a broad sweeping arch crossed over the front. The chapel was built from Kentucky River marble quaried from nearby hills. The cost of the building $9,000.

In 1932 the chapel, although designed for pre-burial funeral services began to be used for equipment storage.

Restoration work on the chapel began in 1977. Masonry was re-pointed and cleaned; columns were replaced and stain glass windows were repaired, new stone was placed on the veranda; and the interior received a new hardwood floor, pews and lectern, electrical wiring and fresh paint. A handicapped access ramp was also installed. At the urging of The Frankfort Garden Club, Governor Julian Carroll provided $40,000 from the Governors Contingency Fund to help complete the work. In October of that year, eight stained glass windows were stolen from the chapel. Never recovered they were replaced later with windows of amethyst art glass.

In 1978 the slate roof was repaired at a cost of $5,000 also from The Governors Contingency Fund. In 2003 additional work was undertaken with funds given to The Frankfort Garden Club by The Franklin County Trust for Historic Preservation. The Kentucky Heritage Council and the PARTI Architectural firm worked on this project, which also made other improvements to the chapel.



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